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Wenzhou Honson Security Equipment Co., LTD.

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Wenzhou Honson Security Equipment Co.,LTD. Since 1999, specialized in designing and manufacturing various emergency equipments which widely used in the area of Fire/EMS Services, Law Enforcement, Public Works and Police/Engineering vehicles. Our products include: lightbar, warning light, Work light, beacon, Traffic Signal, siren&speaker, Anti-Riot Series, Bulletproof Series, Road block and others security related products in China.



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Our Manufacturing Team is choose of technical professionals and middle & senior management talents. We do know QUALITY is the basis of our enterprise's life and development.

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  • Waterproof Warning Strobe LED Signal Light

    Light your way with HTL418 Waterproof Warning Strobe LED Signal Light

    When it comes to warning lights, you can rely on Hansen's HTL418 Waterproof Warning Strobe LED Signal Light for superior brightness and reliability. With its commitment to quality and years of experience manufacturing safety lighting solutions, Hansen has designed a stro...

  • riot shield

    Riot Shield Unmatched Strength and Protection

    Modern riot police Faced with increasingly turbulent situations, it is crucial to have reliable defensive equipment. Among the must-have gear used by riot police, the riot shield is a powerful protective tool. The equipment adopts a unique structure of shielding plate an...

  • Waterproof Warning Flashing Strobe Led Signal Beacon HTL418

    Improve Safety with Waterproof Warning Strobe LED Signal Light HTL418

    Having a reliable warning strobe light is essential when it comes to ensuring safety in various industries. This blog will introduce you Hansen waterproof warning strobe LED signal light HTL418. With its high brightness and advanced optical system design, this light ensu...

  • 迷你酒吧

    LED Warning Mini Light Bar HSM414: A Versatile Tool for Every Environment

    As technology continues to evolve, we see an increasing number of minibars in the market. LED Warning Mini Light Strip HSM414 is one of the most popular light strips in different markets. This high quality light bar showcases excellent TIR optics, providing dramatic ligh...

  • 热销优质警告闪烁 led 安全灯条

    How to choose the right light bar

    A light bar is a lighting device consisting of multiple LED lamp beads. It has a wide range of application scenarios, such as home decoration, commercial display, architectural decoration and so on. In this article, we will introduce the product description, how to use and the usage environment o...